TheLifeErotic 20.06.06 Lovely In Latex 2


Hot Czech honey Jenny Wild is dressed for kinky solo fun in a bright-yellow latex teddy teamed with black stockings and high, spike-heeled platforms. Her long blonde hair is worn loose, and her makeup is subtly smoky, with candy-pink lips to match her manicure. We find her investigating a new toy – a suction nipple-pump gift-boxed with simple instructions: “Use me”.

She experiments, smearing the cup with lipstick then pressing it over one nipple through the latex. It stays in place but she decides to strip and enjoy the effect to the full. As she stands up, the yellow second-skin is tightly molded to the contours of her crotch. Then she unfastens the front zipper to bare small breasts with neat, stiffened nipples.

She caresses her globes, then attaches the pump to one nipple. As the camera zooms in close, we see the fleshy nub puff up and elongate as it is sucked into the clear-plastic cup. She gives her other nipple the same treatment, then strips off the teddy and flaunts her stunning ass as she masturbates her juiced-up, shaved pussy.

Next, she kneels on the couch, sighing and moaning as she reaches back to plow her slit and snatch with two fingers. She sprawls back, thighs splayed, and pumps herself slow, an expression of erotic bliss on her pretty face. Again she kneels, this time on the floor and, after pausing to taste her juices, she fingerbangs herself even harder.

Finally, lying back, she takes herself to the brink. Her moans become louder and higher. Then, as she cums, she pulls the pump off of her nipple with a popping sound, letting out a gasp at the sensation. Satisfied and pleasure-dazed she basks in the afterglow, gently caressing her pussy. We leave her stashing the pump safely in its box, until it’s time to play with it again…