VivThomas 20.06.12 Light Me Up

Cute brunette Kiere is up on the kitchen counter, changing a light bulb, as Tora Ness’ hot lesbian movie “Light Me Up” begins. She’s interrupted by a knock at the door; it’s her gorgeous neighbor Casey, who wants to borrow some salt. The cute blonde offers to help, giggling as Kiere grabs her hips to steady her. Flirting quickly turns to kissing as they get topless and fondle each other’s beautiful breasts. Casey sucks Kiere’s nipples eagerly, then peels off her panties and goes down to eat her shaved pussy, getting her wet and excited. Casey takes off her own shorts and climbs up on the counter, straddling the brunette’s face and grinding her fluffy pussy on her new lover’s mouth. She lavishes attention on Kiere’s big breasts as she fingerbangs her, then lies back to get licked some more, enjoying an orgasm that makes her sexy body tremble. Kiere rides Casey’s face to a climax of her own, the blonde’s tongue dancing on her puffy clit until she goes wild.